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Belt of the Gods
Belt of the Gods
Belt of the Gods
Belt of the Gods
Belt of the Gods
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Belt of the Gods

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The secret to picking up your gym crush, making PR's a guarantee, and bending reality.

Introducing the only lifting belt in the world that literally (like, literally literally) changes your entire life.

"Wait... what?"

Yes, it does all of that. Through a process called anchoring.

"An Anchor is a trigger or stimulus that retrieves a desired emotional state."

It comes down to three main components: 

1. Intensity

When creating your anchor you must do it at the peak of emotional intensity. So, if the emotion you want to experience is God-like level empowerment and motivation, you need to feel that emotion while you anchor.

2. Repetition

You must repeat your anchor over and over to make it a part of your subconscious mind and identity.

3. Uniqueness

Your anchor must be unique. This is because you don't want your anchor to be diluted or fired off at the wrong time. This is why the Belt of the Gods is so powerful, you only wear it when you lift.

What this is saying is, you can tap into your body's subconscious emotions to help you perform and live better.

This is using your mind body and spirit in full synchronization. 

This is conscious performance.

These techniques are used by the greats: Tony Robbins, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and more. We are combining the metaphysical with the physical.

To help you with this process, the Belt of the Gods not only comes with an anchoring digital guide to help you unlock its power, but you also receive a power legs program to help you develop the strength and aesthetics you're looking to achieve.

You will use the power of music to help you achieve this. It’s a fun process, and anchoring is happening to you whether you like it or not. Now is your chance to use it to your advantage.

Take a look at the pictures again. You're staring at the supercar of all supercars when it comes to lifting belts. This is as good as it gets, and the best part is that you can make it better by combining it with the included programs.

Plus, you no longer have to worry about not knowing what you're doing. You are equipped with everything you need to succeed on this quest for greatness.

Our guarantee is that if you follow this program exactly as it’s laid out you will notice a drastic change in not only your lifting performance but your life as well. If not, we will reach out personally to help you achieve the desired results. If you do it, it will work.

This genuine leather super suit is delivered to you by mail from the God of strength, Kratos. He thought you'd enjoy it.

Equip the Belt of the Gods, tap into your inner power, and wake up to your full potential.


Digital Download available upon fulfillment and will be sent to your email for download. Reach out to our support if you have any issues with the download process.

Belt Material: Genuine Leather

Weight: 1.4 pounds

Includes much needed padding to increase comfort during a workout.