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6 Week Goddess (Tone, Sculpted, Strong)

6 Week Goddess (Tone, Sculpted, Strong)

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Get ready to become Mt. Olympus worthy.

How would it feel to wake up every day excited and confident when you look in the mirror?

How would it feel to walk out in public and know that your looks attract.

6 Week Goddess is designed to create a toned, sculpted figure, while also adding strength without looking bulky.

This is for any woman who wants a done-for-you program that is effective, efficient, and results focused.


3 lift days per week, with 3 total stages lasting 2 weeks each.

This ensures variety without sacrificing progress.

You will receive a PDF file upon purchase to your email which can be repeated as much as you want. Download and either upload to a drive, turn into an excel file and upload to an excel reader to track, or print it out.