This natural superfood = energy in *minutes*

“I can literally feel the energy surging through my body when I take one” - Mark J.

Thousands of Americans have now caught on to one of nature’s rare treasures. A completely natural source of “almost instant” energy. Without any side effects. And enormous health benefits, especially for adults.

Most people would love to become “high-energy”. To wake up everyday with loads of energy and zest for life. To be able to do more without getting tired. Be more productive everyday. Knock more off their to-do lists.

At the very least you shouldn’t feel constantly tired and sleepy all the time. Feeling drowsy and having zero energy just a few hours into the day. Not having the energy and motivation to do most of the things you know you have to do. Or even the things you want and would love to do!

Luckily, this is a problem you can fix naturally. Even if you’ve tried everything else — from getting more sleep, to exercising, to iron, vitamin B12 and vitamin D supplements, etc. — with no success.

There’s a simple explanation as to why these popular solutions don’t work for most people. And, as thousands of Americans have recently discovered, there happens to also be a natural “superfood” that fixes this exact “loophole”. One that athletes — from the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, to Mohammed Ali, to US olympic sprinters — have used to boost their performance and energy levels (legally of course).

But these benefits are not exclusive to athletes. As most have found out, it can turn your energy levels, mental clarity, and productivity around too. In minutes. 

But First … What’s Keeping Your Energy Levels Down?

It all starts with regular everyday stress. The various stressful situations we have to deal with everyday that, as you might already know, raise your cortisol levels.

The thing with cortisol though, is that it doesn’t leave our system immediately. Your cortisol levels stay up for an extra 4 hours after the stressful situation has passed. But if you’ve been stressed repeatedly for a period of time — as is the case most days in the adult world — then your cortisol level doesn’t go down. It can stay elevated for months.

So why is this THE major issue for your energy levels?

It’s because cortisol causes what’s called vasoconstriction. That means a shrinking of your blood vessels/arteries — the pipeline that carries blood and oxygen round your body.

When this happens, blood flow becomes harder. In more critical cases, your blood pressure goes up — which can lead to stroke, cardiac arrest, or heart failure. But in small but steady cases of elevated cortisol, you’re simply always tired.

You see, our blood (circulation) is how oxygen is carried around the body. And oxygen is KEY when it comes to your energy levels. To be more specific, it directly affects the amount of energy your body produces (for you).

Your body uses oxygen to burn calories and nutrients for energy. Same way fire needs oxygen for it to be able to burn. Just like with fire, if there’s no oxygen, the calories and nutrients can’t burn.

That’s why it doesn’t matter how good you sleep, how much muscle mass you gain, how good your diet is, or how many nutrients you supplement. If you’ve been stressed or had a lot on your plate for a while, your cortisol levels are probably still up. And because of that — and vasoconstriction — there’s not enough oxygen supply around your body to maximize metabolism and produce enough energy for you.

Nothing is as effective because you’re in a tiredness loop, sponsored by cortisol. Your body gets less oxygen, so it only produces limited energy despite your best efforts. 

That ends up making you lousy and unproductive. Which means you don’t get a lot done. And those things you don’t do end up stressing you out too. And the cortisol cycle continues …

The good news at least, is that this isn’t “who we are.” And that there’s actually a way out. All we need to do is get rid of the “afterparty cortisol”. 

We need to find a way to de-stress. Which, thanks to nature, is a pretty easy and quick fix.

Nature’s Own “Supercharger” 

What’s this natural “superfood” that fixes your high cortisol and energy? 

It’s called Spartan Bee Bread. And it’s exactly what it sounds like: bread made by bees. With over 240 vital compounds and nutrients your body can fully utilize.

Bee bread and honey are all bees survive on. And honey only gives them carbohydrates, plus about 5 other minerals. Every other nutrient they need — from proteins, to fatty acids, essential vitamins and minerals, free amino acids, everything else — they get from bee bread. 

This super nutrient stack means a lot for you and I health-wise: the high quercetin content of bee bread helps reduce/relieve pain and inflammation. Its antibacterial and antifungal properties help boost your immune system and deal with allergies. Its polyphenolic content helps improve your focus and mental clarity. And then there’s flavonoids — the main reason why bee bread makes cortisol disappear + boosts energy.

Bee bread is super rich in flavonoids, a type of antioxidant (polyphenolic) compound. And these flavonoids turn-up your energy levels in two ways. First, by causing vasodilation — the opposite of vasoconstriction. Where your blood vessels relax and expand. Allowing more blood flow and a lot more oxygen, hence a lot more energy production.

But even more importantly, flavonoids stop the production of more cortisol in your body. It does this by blocking/preventing the secretion of ACTH — the cortisol-producing hormone. This prevents further release of cortisol, even in stressful situations. So your cortisol levels can go down without future stress affecting you/bringing it back up.

Because of this effect, eating bee bread might seem to change your entire life. You stop getting tired early, or easily. You have a ton of energy every day — and it lasts almost the entire day too. So you can do (almost) all the things you need to do everyday without running out of steam.

Your body now has enough oxygen to burn a lot more of the calories and nutrients you’re taking in. To produce a lot more energy continuously, all day. And that does wonders for your mental clarity and productivity throughout the day.

There’s no crash. No jitters. No “downer”. Just pure, youthful energy and sharpness, all day everyday. 

But that’s not even the best part.

98% Bioavailability — meaning an almost immediate energy boost and absorption.

The best thing about bee bread? How fast it works.

In the words of one user, when you take one you often "notice it working immediately”. That’s because bee bread is 98% bioavailable — meaning your body digests and uses 98% of the bee bread you eat. 

The reason it’s this way is because bee bread is already partly fermented as is. Bees make bee bread via a combination of pollen, nectar, and beeswax. It’s then inserted into the comb, and filled to the brim with more honey. This is done in order to seal and preserve it for later.

This seal prevents air from getting into the bread. And it also causes fermentation — the same fermentation that occurs in your stomach during digestion. Which is how your body breaks down food and converts it to energy.

Because of this already-done fermentation, your body doesn’t have to do too much to digest bee bread. Most of it is already in almost acceptable form for your body to use. Which is why, in addition to your body utilizing almost all the bee bread, you also feel the effects really quickly.

The bioavailability of bee bread makes bee bread metabolism super fast — pretty much done in minutes. That’s why you feel a surge of energy and a certain mental clarity just minutes after eating one of these. It’s quick acting and gives you the energy you need right there in the moment.

And this is only one of the many ways bee bread keeps you healthy and strong, especially as an adult. With all the things you have to manage and go through each day, it supplies all the necessary nutrients to make sure you’re up to the task all day.

Other Beneficial “Side Effects” Of Spartan Bee Bread Include:

  • Reduces Pain and Inflammation due to its high level of Quercetin — a strong anti-inflammatory substance.

  • Has Anti-aging effects and makes your skin look a lot fresher, clearer and healthier.

  • Relieves allergies without making you feel drowsy or sleepy! (Doesn't apply to pollen allergies unfortunately*)

  • May help with hot flashes and menopausal symptoms.

  • Amazing mental clarity. Zero brain fog. And an all round better mood.

  • Detoxifies your liver and lungs.  And insures your body against the side effects of alcohol, tobacco, and environmental pollutants.

  • Improves vision due to its high vitamins A, C, E and zinc contents, among others.

  • Keeps your immune system strong and helps fight bacteria. So you don't feel down or fall sick easily.

  • Protects you from age-related health issues like diabetes, stroke, Alzheimer’s etc.

  • And more!

  • 100% safe and legal too — zero crashes or side effects

    Spartan Bee bread is a purely natural and organic solution. It contains zero chemicals or preservatives. Because of the way bees store it — the fermented nature of bee bread — it can stay fresh organically for up to x years.

    This bee bread is sourced from a local bee farm in Latvia. It’s then coated in a mixture of apple, blackcurrant, sea buckthorn, and cinnamon. This is both to add a little more flavor, and to add even more essential nutrients contained in bee bread. Which increases the potency and effect on your vision, skin, brain,  liver health, inflammation, and energy levels.

    This way it’s a lot more enjoyable and effective. A full, more complete stack of nutrients with everything you need. And with zero long-term negative effects on your health and liver. What better way to stay healthy, strong and active?

    30,000+ Americans now feeling “so much more alive and more energetic” every morning

    Let’s just say Spartan bee bread has been a mainstream hit. Over 30,000 Americans (and counting) have now caught up. And it’s so good and effective, people keep leaving reviews every day!

    Love love love, I was skeptical but the difference in my energy is insane. Can’t wait for my next shipment, Highly recommend!
    Casey R.
    Every Monday going to work at 4 a.m at a construction work site I felt tired with out energy sleepy but ever since I started taking Spartin Bee Bread for over 2 weeks my energy in the morning totally changed. I had more energy felt more awake its worth it trying out the Bee Bread.
    Nicolas R.
    Im waking up at 6 without any alarms ive got mental clarity n energy i didnt have as well
    Sean M.
    Smooth, natural feeling energy without the spikes or dips of a caffeinated beverage.
    Jason C.
    Overall, I feel so much more alive and more energetic since taking this.
    Tammy G.
    I actually enjoy the taste. Noticeable difference in my daily energy levels.
    Spencer V.
    I can literally feel the energy sueging through my body when I take one!!
    Mark J.
    I've bought 5 bags of bee bread because it absolutley helps me on a holistic approach to my inflamation & pain managment. I've shared this bee bread w/ co-workers who have old injuries & ask me always for aleve for pain / inflamation & they are now ordering this for themselves.
    Michael S D.
    my friend told my about this. its amazing and has replaced a lot of other supplements. great energy for workouts. love it.
    Amanda C.
    Oh my goodness is all I can say. Get past the taste, it took a few tries. I just take it daily & within a few days I knew I was giving my vessel/body what it needed. I will be adding this to my collection. AYUVEDA approved so win win
    Crystal W.
    Amazing product. Definitely a one of a kind experience! Wow, just wow!
    Langston S.
    I’ve tried a lot of things to help me with my energy and nothing had worked quite like this. It’s a sustained energy with no crash and you just feel great using it. First time biting in and it’s a little sour like a green apple, but it’s amazing first thing before coffee to start your day off properly. 10/10 recommend.
    Vanessa Z.
    Been taking the spartan bee bread for a couple month now and absolutely loving it. Normally take it right after I leave the gym and notice it working immediately. I’ve got my wife hooked on it now too. Definitely recommend
    Christopher N.
    have been taking bee bread for about 2 months now. I can definitely tell it works. I have replaced all of my supplements with this one easy step. Thank you!!!
    Cher C.
    I've been taking Spartan Bee Bread for a month now and I must say, I feel great! My energy level is up, my  brain fog has imporved drastically, and my inflammation has greatly improved as well. I've noticed I'm sleeping better too. I just placed my 2nd order and went ahead and got on autoship because I don't want to be without my Bee Bread, and who doesn't love a discount for being on a monthly subscription?
    Kara U.

    You too can become a healthier, stronger, high-energy version of yourself

    You can totally turn your mornings and your day around too. Experience energy and mental clarity like you never knew you had. Have “your best day yet” almost every single day. Simply by eating a little piece of bee bread daily.

    Others are already enjoying these benefits. Maximizing their results. Living life to the fullest. Why not you too?

    You’ve got nothing to lose. Especially since the guys who sell these offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Where if you don’t see these results (highly unlikely), you can simply get your money back.

    It’s like a free trial run. Only the benefits are immense and really useful.

    And it gets even better; as a reader of ours, you get an additional special discount for 10% off using code first10 at checkout. So instead of the regular price you get money off AND you can stack it on subscriptions (30% off total!) And that's for a 30-day supply of bee bread.

    “How do I get this Bee Bread?”

    You can get it on their website by clicking here. Or clicking the button below. The discount will apply at checkout when you add it.

    And as a recommendation: what’ll be even better is spending this discount on a subscription. Because it's significantly cheaper, yes. But that’s not all.

    More importantly, bee bread is scarce. Bee farmers don’t harvest all the bee bread that bees make. Especially since bees make this bread to store for later — for periods of pollen scarcity. Plus, if it’s glyphosate free like the one we’re talking about, there’s even less due to how corrupt most food companies are.

    At certain times during the year (in summer and winter seasons), it’s harder to find pollen. So bees gather a lot more during spring and fall times. And it sustains them during the “winter”. For this very reason bee bread is always available in limited supply, and can run out any moment.

    Add that to the fact that bee bread actually does work. It actually boosts energy levels, vitality, productivity, and our health in general. So, as you’d expect, demand is kind of high.

    As you'd also expect, subscribers always get first dibs on products. No matter what, if you're a subscriber, you get a 30-day supply of bee bread every month. But you just might not be able to get bee bread sometimes if you aren't.

    You don’t want to be enjoying the amazing benefits of bee bread, only to run out. And not be able to get more because they’re out of stock.

    Much better to get a subscription right now. And with the additional discount, you can get an even better deal!

    UPDATE: Friday, 4th August 2023

    It turns out that due to the current season, bee bread isn't that readily available right now. And there's limited quantity in stock, which, based on how much people are now catching up to bee bread, is selling out fast. Hurry to get yours before they run out of stock!

    Michael D. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    This stuff has been amazing. It has leveled up my health, my energy, everything about my body and mind.. I take it right when I wake up in the morning in 20 minutes after I can feel it kick in. I haven’t been sick since I’ve been taking it in my health has been on point as well as my sleep. I highly recommend this product.

    Mark J. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    I can immediately feel the energy when i take it. It's like a rush of light running through my body.

    Shawn M. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Better than any multi vitamin I’ve ever taken. Would absolutely recommend!

    Get Spartan Bee Bread (press this)


    Jeremy D. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    This stuff is great. I definitely noticed a difference and felt more aware and alive after taking it for a few days.

    John T. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Loved it!! Everything it claimed which is not very usual in the current day we live in!!

    Alex O. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Workouts are better, energy is better, mood is better. I don’t know if I can say it is 100% because of bee bread, but I can tell you that I’m not going to risk not taking it

    Tyrone F. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    I take my spartan bee bread every morning before I start work. Soon as I clock in my mental focus and energy is on another level. Definitely would recommend this to anyone who has problems staying focused and energized

    Tim A. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Really love the energy and how they make my body feel right! The taste takes a little getting used to but now I munch em down!

    Get yours here (press)

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