Private Online Training


Normally fitness programs are 1:1, our Identity Transformation Program is 3:1 so you will have access to Mason and our two other elite trainers, Ali and Brendan 👇

  • Weekly check ins and nutrition tracking right in the training app, and the program/workouts will all be available for you to track, have video of the workouts, and see your progress with direct communication to your trainer. Choose the best one direct one for you in an individual meet and greet, but receive support from all.
  • Dial in your mindset, habits, have you create a vision board, affirmations and visualization, and rewire your mind with subconscious programming so that results come quicker and flow into other areas of your life.
  • Receive a complimentary copy of the nutrition guide and nightly meditation.
  • Brought into the private group where we do live calls, talk things such as making money and crypto, and you have support from everyone. High energy only.
  • Program is 12 weeks with the option to go month to month after
  • We offer a 100% success guarantee, meaning you will without a doubt get the results you're looking for and we will help you until you do.