I was reading an article that stated "Studies in the 1940's showed the average testosterone level to be at 700 ng/dl, 300 ng/dl higher than for men today. In the past, a drop in testosterone levels to 250 ng/dl was rarely reported before men were 80 years of age. Yet today, it is not an uncommon value for middle aged men."

What does this mean?

It means men are losing the key hormone to their vitality, energy, clarity, mood, ability to have a strong, aesthetic body and so much more.

Testosterone is the "conqueror hormone" as I like to call it.

In fact, there was a period of my life where I was depressed and anxious, drowning my sorrows away with booze. Horrible choices in my life.

I got my levels checked...


Basically the bottom of the scale. They say the average is 300-1000, but if you're at the bottom it is way different than being at the top. There should be no reason the average man is under 500 in my opinion.

Through natural methods and supplementation, I managed to double my levels to around 500+ng/dl in a few months. That was 3 years ago, haven't checked mine in awhile.

How did I do this? I made a youtube vid:

But the two things that stuck out the most, other than diet and lifestyle changes (the most important parts), were magnesium and zinc.

We SERIOUSLY lack these in our current diets.

These two minerals increase the free and total testosterone levels in men. I felt the difference myself. 

I took it for a month and felt stronger, more vital, and had a clearer head.

That's why we created Zeus's Lightning Caps which contain both of these.

But back to it...

Why are levels so low in our society?

I could go into conspiracies all day (which are 99% of the time true otherwise they wouldn't be censored), but the main reasons are from the environment and our lifestyles.

1. Not enough movement and pushing ourselves to the edge. We live in a comfortable society. Comfort does not allow testosterone to thrive.

2. Consuming more than we produce. We earn testosterone like dopamine. It comes from wins. The more you win, the more you earn.

3. Diet: It's all garbage. Synthetic and nasty, and is not natural. If you can live natural and clean, your Camry body will become a Lambo.

4. Sunlight. Self explanatory. How much were you outside today?

5. Water and sleep. Get 7+ hours and drink a gallon a day.

6. The supps I just stated

7. Meditation. This decreases cortisol which allows testosterone to thrive.

The puppet masters of the world do not want you strong. If you were strong, they wouldn't have puppets to force into their businesses.

Our goal at the Stampede Network is to put your self actualization first. Money for us is secondary to your success. We will keep providing you the info you need to drastically improve your life.

If you're a man, put yourself and your testosterone first in a natural way. This is the ultimate gift to not only yourself, but the world.

Step up. Take back your power.

Check out the Lightning Caps here: 

Zeus's Lightning Caps

Mason Kuhr




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